Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Weeks Notice

I put my official two weeks notice in at my current job at the restaurant!

It definitely feels liberating, because I'll be moving on to a new job that should help jumpstart me into my future career.

However, it always sucks leaving a job that you are completely comfortable in and having to start over at a new job where no one really know you and you have to prove yourself all over again. I'm pretty nervous. But, definitely excited!

I'll also miss my coworkers, but the turnover at our restaurant has been so high that in a few months, I probably won't know many of the people.

My boyfriend grilled burgers for me and made strawberry margaritas to celebrate. I'll be sure to enjoy them after I finish writing my care plan for nursing school!

The stress has definitely decreased. I feel so lucky and blessed that some things just seem to work themselves out on their own, and I get lucky enough to just have some things go my way! I am starting to take the time to really appreciate these moments cause they can be few and far in between.

Agenda for today:
-Finish careplan
-Finish unpacking (ugh)
-Go back to the gym and continue C5K (finally!)
-Return some stuff.
-Enjoy strawberry margaritas and have a movie night.
-Go to bed early. I have to wake up at 5:00 tomorrow :(

I miss the carefree days of my undergrad! Nursing school is 1000x more intense than my undergrad experience! I miss spending time with my girlfriends, who I rarely see anymore.

Song on repeat: Heartache That Don't Stop Hurting-Jason Aldean

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