Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shin Splints!

Yesterday was my first time experiencing shin splints while working out.

I was doing Week Two, Day Two of Couch25K and felt fine, when all of a sudden I felt this sharp pain everytime I jogged on my left leg. I made it through the program, but I always like to add more jogging/walking to make my workout around 45-60 minutes. Yesterday, it wasn't gonna happen. I was in serious pain, even while walking.

Another first for yesterday was that I had my first protein shake! was disgusting! I felt like I couldn't hold it down, it was just gross. All it was was Whey Chocolate Protein Powder mixed with low fat milk, but I just didn't like it.

I wanted to give the workout another try later in the evening, but was still hurting when I walked. I opted to go to a panel to listen to hiring managers and nurse recruiters speak, and was glad I spent my time there instead. I definitely learned some valuable information!

I ate pretty crappy yesterday, as well. Anto stuck a pizza in the oven and I just had to have some, I couldn't resist. It was delicious!

After I came home from the panel, Anto came home and surprised me with Crab Hut!! Crab Hut is our absolute favorite place to go eat together, we go at least once a month and always order the same thing. It is our little tradition. He picked up a pound of shrimp and a pound of sausage smothered in full house sauce, extra spicy, with steamed rice. He even peeled all the shrimp for me before I ate it so I could just dig in to the good stuff!


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