Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Blues

Sunday always manages to come way too soon! I must admit, Sunday night is my least favorite part of the week! Especially this Sunday night, being that I go back to school tomorrow, and have a Neuro Quiz waiting to welcome me back!

I woke up late today, and didn't feel bad about it because I knew this would be my last day I could sleep in for quite some time. I headed to work, and it was incredibly slow, so I got to go home relatively early, but didn't make very much money :(.

When I got home, I downloaded some Med/Surg lectures onto my ipod to prepare for my workout. I'm officially on Week Two of C25K. This includes a brisk five minute warm up, then alternating 90 seconds of jogging with 2 minutes of walking. I did this for the first 25 minutes as indicated, then decided I wanted to continue my workout to coincide with my lecture. Listening to lectures about intercranial pressure and strokes is definitely motivation to keep my butt moving on the treadmill! I need to stay active in order to stay healthy. No dying of strokes or heart disease for me!

After the 25 minutes of C25K, I alternated one minute of running with 90 seconds of jogging until my legs were exhausted, and I decided to walk the rest of the way. My goal was to accomplish 60 minutes on the treadmill. I managed to go 4.08 miles in 60 minutes. I know this is incredibly slow, but this is my first time ever doing it! Baby steps, right?

I felt great after finishing my workout, just incredibly tired! My calves are extremely sore. However, I love that I got to incorporate studying with exercise! I will definitely do this more often.

I'm off to finish listening to the stroke lecture and studying for my Neuro quiz. I have 8 hours of sitting in ONE lecture hall tomorrow, and it is torture! Things I need to take care of tonight include:

-Packing a lunch for class tomorrow.
-Setting the coffee machine timer.
-Packing my school supplies in my backpack ;)
-Picking out a recipe to cook for dinner tomorrow, since my dad is visiting.
-Setting aside my outfit, and setting my alarm.
-Cooking dinner tonight!
-Study, study, study.
-Picking out a strength workout and writing it down, so I can immediately head to the gym tomorrow!

Things on my agenda tomorrow include:
-Lecture 7:30-4:00
-Deposit money at the bank.
-Strength workout.
-Cook dinner and enjoy dad's visit.
-Pick term paper topic and research articles.
-Start packing!

Hopefully I don't end up super lazy like Lily here ;)

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  1. Good job on the workout! C25K is one of my favorite programs ever.
    8 hours in one lecture hall? Ugh. I feel for you!