Friday, March 25, 2011

Yo-Yo Dieting

I created this blog in an attempt to hold myself accountable for living and breathing a healthy lifestyle. I have had many fluctuations with my weight since my freshman year at college, and have lost weight through many diets-but managed to gain all the weight back every single time.

I'm currently super busy with nursing school and work, and I feel like I don't have time for myself. I want to enjoy my life, but I also want to be healthier. Especially since I'm studying to be a nurse, and health is a priority! I need to practice what I preach.

Growing up, I've never been a "skinny" girl. I always had muscle, or a bigger bone structure. I danced during my first 18 years, but gave it up as soon as I went to college. I gained approximately 20-30 lbs during my first year of college. I never kept track of my weight at the time, so I'll never know how much I actually gained.

This is me during my first quarter of college in October 2005. I had already started eating unhealthy all summer...buying McDonald's breakfast everyday with my boyfriend...eating out at chain restaurants..what was I thinking?
This is me after my weight Summer of 2006 in Thailand

In 2007 I started Nutrisystem, and lost about 15 lbs. The lowest I got to was about 135 lbs, I believe.

In 2007, I met my amazing (and current) boyfriend, and stopped sticking to Nutrisystem...and ate out all the time, leading to a weight gain of 155 lbs.
Taken at Disneyland, 2008.

Then, I managed to lose weight on my own but eating lean cuisines (not the healthiest), and doing workout dvds at home with my bestie. I got down to about 135 again.
 Disneyland 2009.
After that, I rejoined Nutrisystem and reached my lowest weight since high school, and got to about 125 lbs.

Vegas, 2009.
After this, I pretty much let it all go down the drain. I maintained around 135 for a while, eventually going up to 140, but always back and forth. Now, I'm at my heaviest in YEARS, and quite honestly I'm scared to weigh myself. But this blog is going to hold me accountable, and I'm going to live HEALTHY this time, instead of doing any diets. No more dieting and binge eating for me. This is me now:
Mardi Gras, 2011
 It hurts to see the weight changes I have been through. It hurts to know how hard I worked before to let it all go down the drain.

My transformation starts now...going to eat healthy and stay active!

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  1. What an interesting journey! As a student I def. know the pressures of having to juggle your health and academics. Are you half Asian?