Friday, April 1, 2011

Ocean Foot Massage

Lately, I've been complaining of  foot pain.

Last night, my heels were killing me. I felt like the only way to relieve the pain was to stick sharp needles into my heels...therefore I looked up acupuncture. After realizing I was seriously considering sticking needles into my body voluntarily, I decided to take a step back and schedule an appointment for a foot massage instead.

I surprised my boyfriend and booked a massage for both of us at 9:00pm. I was surprised they were open so late!

It was a great deal, $20 for an hour, and it included a full body massage with a focus on feet/legs, while we stayed fully clothed. We got our own room with two beds in it, so it was like a couple's room. Very cute!

The ambiance was really soothing and peaceful. Anto and I tried not to giggle when it first started, though. It was his first professional massage EVER, and I've only had one done in Thailand.

The massage was very rough. I think I need a lighter massage because this massage was too deep and really just hurt. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, but during the actual massage I felt like she was going too deep or squeezing too tight. Don't get me wrong, the majority of the massage felt great, but my boyfriend and I both decided we liked a lighter touch. Also, my  masseuse did this thing where she balanced her knees on back and rocked back and forth, and then she would spread her knees open, up and down my body. It was very...interesting. Anto's masseuse was a male and he didn't do that to maybe it was because my masseuse was lighter? Either way, I chose this place because it came highly recommended on Yelp. And honestly, $20 for 60 minutes? Hard to go wrong there!

The only thing I was kicking myself for was the fact that I left my camera at home!! There were plenty of moments that we were alone and I wanted to capture the moment and the ambiance of the room, but oh well. Next time!

Super cheap prices!

Similar to the room we were in.
I just got these pictures courtesy of Yelp.

Yay, it's the weekend! But it's actually pretty anti-climatic for me, because this means the end of Spring Break. *Sigh*

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