Saturday, March 26, 2011

First Morning of Spring Break!

Today is my first official day of spring break, and while I will be spending most of it working and catching up on studying and homework...I decided to let myself sleep in...a lot.

This morning I had some Maple & Brown Sugar oatmeal, Sweet Hawaiian toast with I Can't Believe it's Not Butter, two gummy-vite vitamins, two Viactiv Calcium chews, a big glass of water, and coffee with some creamer. Everything totaled to approximately 400 calories.

I'm not a fan of oatmeal, so today was my first day actually eating an entire bowl of it! I know it's really healthy and has so many benefits, so I'm trying to incorporate more oatmeal into my meals.

I actually couldn't eat everything with the coffee and water...which is good :) Eating healthy and controlling how much I eat! 

I'm also trying to drink more water! This was a major factor in helping me lose weight the other times, and I know how much our body needs it, so I really need to drink a lot more water than I've been drinking lately.

I have work today...:( but my goal is to complete Day One of Couch25K, and perhaps celebrate my friend's birthday at PB (or Pacific Beach for those not from SoCal)! If I have any spare time I may just start catching up on my school reading...what an exciting life I lead!

Goals for the week:
-Drink more water.
-Cook more meals, make them healthy.
-Work out at least 30 minutes for 6/7 days of the week.
-Save money!
-Take Lucky on a 30 minute walk everyday.
-Take my vitamins daily.

Off to get ready for work! I work at a Mexican restaurant, so one goal for tonight will to be not to eat any of the greasy & unhealthy food at work! Especially the chips/salsa that are within my reach 24/7 while at work!

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