Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Furbabies!

I am the proud momma of two furbabies! They bring so much joy and fun into my life :). I'm sure many posts on my blog will be dedicated to these two little rascals.

I've had Lucky, a half Pomeranian/half Chihuahua since May 2010. He just turned 1 in March! He's so loving, cuddly, protective, friendly, and clingy, that I just can't get enough. The day that I got Lucky was the same day I found out I got into nursing school, hence the name "Lucky."

My boyfriend and I just adopted Lily, a Tortoiseshell DSH, from the county pound in November 2010. She's the first cat I've ever owned and she is just the sweetest thing ever! She sleeps on me or my boyfriend's chest every night, loves to be around us, and is a purring machine! Her and her brother Lucky love to cuddle, and without fail, you can find Lily bathing Lucky. So sweet!

Cuddling on me after I got my wisdom teeth pulled.
They are a huge part of my life and will be a huge part of my blog. :)

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