Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Lazy Song

"Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed..."-Bruno Mars, The Lazy Song.

Have you heard that song? Sometimes I feel like this is my mantra. It definitely applied today, although I didn't want it to.

I woke up a little later than usual and got ready for work. I was supposed to cover a shift at 11:45, but when I got there, it turns out there was a total miscommunication and the shift had already gotten covered...sooo I drove myself all the way back home and enjoyed the wonderful 75 degree weather in San Diego!

However, once I got home I felt incredibly lazy. I decided to do some leisurely reading, had a snack, and ended up taking an unexpected nap. Oops! I tried to work out to a Jillian Michaels dvd, but my legs were too sore to attempt any of the lunges and squats.

After taking Lucky on a walk with Anto, we headed to CPK to meet up with a friend for a belated birthday dinner. I did not stay on track at all :(. It's okay though, I'm not going to beat myself up about what already happened, but I will resume watching what I eat ASAP.

This was my first time eating at CPK (besides a takeout order once in college), so I was excited to try the food!

First up were drinks:
Strawberry Margarita

Birthday girl got a strawberry margarita. This was pretty good because it tasted fresh, but I'm partial to margaritas that you can get at Mexican restaurants ;)

Cherry Lime Sparkler
I got a cherry lime sparkler, and was VERY disappointed. It tasted like cough syrup! No one at our table could finish it, and I didn't want to be an ass and send it $7 down the drain...;)
Mango Mango Mojito
Anto got a Mango Mango Mojito, and that was disappointing as well! It was way too sweet for me...we serve mango mojitos where I work and enjoy a lot more...

As a starter, we got half a Caesar Salad.
Caesar Salad

It was yummy in my tummy. We devoured it.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Anto and I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Nicole (birthday girl) ordered a BBQ Chicken Pizza. The BBQ Chicken Pizza is what they are known for and it was AMAZING. I need to make my own BBQ Chicken Pizza at home!

Anyways, off to relax...

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