Friday, May 20, 2011

Blogging Fail

I haven't updated this blog in quite a while due to many reasons-school, work, exhaustion, etc. But the biggest reason I haven't updated is because I derailed from my journey to healthy and have been living a lifestyle of my journey to congestive heart failure!

Seriously, though.

I've been too exhausted to cook, let alone think about working out. I have been subsisting off instant cup o noodles alone, and I can literally feel the difference in my body.


Finals are over and I have no excuse to continue to live this way. My biggest obstacle is just getting into a routine. Once I have my routine down, then it will make things easier. The only problem is that I work nights on the weekend, and go to school during the days during the week. That makes it pretty hard to create a regular schedule. And it's not doing wonders for my metabolism.

My biggest fear is getting burnt out. I can already feel it happening, so when I can make my work schedule for August, I'm definitely going to schedule less days in a row, and maybe switch over to 8 hour shifts. I need the money, but I also need my sanity.

Blogging resumes today!

It just so happens to be my 24th birthday, so what better beginning is there? 24 is the year of being healthy! :)

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