Saturday, June 11, 2011


This summer has been CRAZY busy.

Example of my weekly schedule:

Monday: Lecture 9-4, Support Group Meeting for Psych 6-8 (then tons of hw)
Tuesday: Hospital Clinical 11-7 (tons of hw)
Wednesday: Hospital Clinical 11-7 (tons of hw ;))
Thursday: Lecture 8-4, Support Group Meeting for Psych (6-8)
Friday: Work 7:00pm-7:30am (study/hw)
Saturday: Work 7:00pm-7:30am (study/hw)
Sunday: Work 3:00pm-11:30pm (study)

I just keep telling myself it will all be worth it once the summer is over.

It's pretty crazy! I'm planning a trip for the one week vacation I get between summer and fall, so I have something to look forward to, at the very least!

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